Defend Your Life Style

Vulcan Luxury Cars

Defend Your Lifestyle

Versatile Lifestyle Concept

With the aim of providing those who see the life from unique angles through the lens of their own lifestyles with a new field to reflect their nonpareil perspectives, we extraordinarily handcraft Land Rover Defender vehicles down to the last detail based on their distinctive fashions.

Land Rover Defender vehicles are remanufactured to the finest detail with special craftsmanship in order to create a new space where people who have their own lifestyle can view their unique perspective.

Unique lifestyles materialize in Defender vehicles thanks to admirable and special handcraftsmanship.

Different lifestyles find a sheltered space to express themselves for the sake of powerful and protective presence of Defender vehicles.

Unique lifestyles come into existence thanks to refined choices occur in VLC production phases. 

VLC Manufacturing Plant, laying on a wider than 1,000m2 of field, crafts your Defender vehicles down to the last detail to reflect your special soul. 

Just contact with VLC to

develop an exclusive living space for your own lifestyle.

Build Your Dreams With Your Hand

Everything your lifestyle needs is rebuilt on chassis. VLC carefully designs, produces and assembles each part that would be installed on chassis with the aim of cosily applying each feature to materialize every single detail for interior and exterior design of Defender. Everything is being rebuilt on the chassis to meet all the requirements of the lifestyle. VLC carefully designs and assembles each part to be placed on the chassis in order to be able to apply every detail that will make a difference for both interior and exterior design.

If you would like so, you will wear your gloves and your boiler suit to experience building your own lifestyle with your own hands all day long at any point of the unique production process you will choose. In this unique process of personalized lifestyle, if you wish, you will wear your gloves, wear your jumpsuit and build your own lifestyle with your own hands for a day at any stage of the manufacturing process you have chosen.

Vulcan Luxury Cars

VLC Base Defender Models

VLC wriggles out of electronics across the production process and focuses on more analogue features through returning back to the basic approach.  With using pure engineering that comes from the body, it reflects the driving experience special for you. Moreover, VLC advises the most appropriate Defender model that fits to your lifestyle with the aim of integrating your lifestyle with Defender spirit down to the last detail.

VLC stands out from the electronics during the creation process and returns to the basic approach, focusing on the more analogous features of the design. Using pure engineering from the chassis, this is reflected in your specific driving experience. In addition, VLC proposes which Defender model should be the most suitable for your lifestyle in order to integrate your lifestyle with the Defender spirit in all its details.

Creation Process

1. Choice Body Style

90SW - 110SW

110PU - 130DC

2. Select Color

Choose among alternatives ranging from existing Defender colors to your desires.

3. Build Interior

For the VLC that will reflect you, we keep your living standards high with gasoline and diesel engine options along with gearbox options.

4. Get Accesories

Now, it is time to choose accessories that will make your daily life easier. Choose your private accessories.

Our Production Facility

VLC has a bigger than 1,000m2 of design and production facility in order to materialize magnificent Defenders you would like to create. Thus, VLC completes each stage of design and production process at VLC Production Plant and enables you to keep your lifestyle in a unique integrity. VLC Production Plant consists of many different segments in order to meet all needs on the road to realize your dream.

VLC has a design and manufacturing facility of more than 1,000 square meters to make Defender that you want to create special for you. In this way, VLC enables you to complete every stage of the creation and production process within the VLC Production Facility and protect your lifestyle in a unique integrity.The VLC Manufacturing Plant is made up of many different sections to meet all the requirements needed to make your dream come true.

Vulcan Luxury Cars

Let's Start to Build Your Defender

VLC realizes dreams of those who have their own lifestyles, regard their worldviews and love to create private living quarters for themselves. Just contact with VLC to set off this magnificent journey and learn all details you wonder.VLC makes the dreams of people who have their own lifestyles, who care about their own lifestyle and who love to create their own living spaces real. Contact VLC now to start this marvelous trip and find out the details you've wondered.