About VLC

Our company have specialized on Defender series of Land Rover, made in Turkey too since 1989. We provide all sorts of regeneration and transformation services from chassis to the end in same location since 2010. We offer distinctive designs on casual or multi-purpose vehicles such as off-roads, pickups and caravans for your regards.

With the aim of providing those who see the life from unique angles through the lens of their own lifestyles with a new field to reflect their special perspectives, we extraordinarily handcraft Land Rover Defender vehicles down to the last detail based on their distinctive fashions.

Our company, since 1989 Turkey has specialized on the Land Rover Defender series started production. As of 2010, we provide all kinds of renovation and conversion services from chassis to bitumen at one point. We offer different designs for your daily use or for multi-purpose use such as off-road, van, safari or caravan.We open up a new space for people who have their own lifestyle, who look at life from different angles and want to turn their special perspective into experience. We re-manufacture Land Rover Defender vehicles specially with the finest detail.

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