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We live in a world of mass production. It is great that some goods are produced at vast amounts to satisfy the global demand. But, isn’t it nice that you hug handcrafted stuff?We live in a world where many things are mass produced. It's great that some things are produced in large quantities to meet worldwide demands. Isn't it more beautiful today that many people begin to embrace things done by hand?

Its quality and love it hosts is the main reason for a hug. Our products at VLC are built in a climate of joy and love. Buying a handcrafted product rather than a fabricated one is as kind and precious as sending a letter rather than an email.The quality and the fact that it contains so much love is one of the most important reasons for embracing. At VLC, our products are prepared in an environment of pleasure and love. Getting a handmade product instead of fabrication is as subtle and valuable as writing letters instead of sending


We don’t buy an old vehicle and make it up. We dive into the production process down to the chassis. We render the chassis to be as new as the day it was produced, we change each ring nut and bolt, and we conclude with refreshment.We're not buying an old vehicle and doing makeup. We go down to the chassis

during the production process. We make the chassis the first day, change every nut and bolt and finalize with freshening.

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